Yang Hyun Suk Arrives At Police Stations For iKON B.I’s Drug Investigations

He made a statement on his way inside.

YG Entertainment‘s former executive producer, Yang Hyun Suk, was called to the police station as a suspect of threatening Han Seo Hee to keep quiet about B.I‘s alleged illegal drug use. He arrived early this morning for questioning.


Yang Hyun Suk arrived dressed in a black suit as he kept his gaze to the ground as he approached the police station where a mass of reporters were waiting for him.


When reporters asked if he was guilty of threatening Han Seo Hee, he responded, “I will fully cooperate with the police investigations.” When a reporter asked if he wished to say a word to fans, he remained silent.


The police vowed to thoroughly investigate the case and claimed that Yang Hyun Suk’s questioning will likely take most of the day.

The investigations will likely continue until late afternoon as the facts regarding the accusations need to be confirmed. We will thoroughly investigate any doubts raised by the victim.

— Police

Source: News1 and Yonhap News

B.I's Drug Scandal