Yang Hyun Suk Will Replace Members of MIXNINE Winning Group If Their Agencies Don’t Agree With His Contract Terms

Yang Hyun Suk may replace the MIXNINE members who do not accept his 3-year proposal.

Yang Hyun Suk is thinking about replacing the MIXNINE members from labels that do not accept his 3-year contract proposal.


Yang Hyun Suk has previously proposed a 3-year contract as opposed to the 4-month contract that was originally planned. He came to the conclusion of a 3-year contract partly due to the unexpected low popularity of the MIXNINE reality show, which has made it difficult to fully promote the group in just 4 months.

YG Offers 3 Year Contract To MIXNINE Winning Team, Netizens Think He’s “Insane”

However, netizens have expressed their disapproval of his proposal.


Moreover, a few of the MIXNINE agencies have indicated that they cannot accept the terms of a 3-year contract.

MIXNINE Agencies Cannot Accept YG’s Unreasonable 3 Year Contract Proposal

They are concerned that the proposal takes up too much time of the artists’ contract with their original label, as well as takes a toll on their physical wellbeing.


Nonetheless, Yang Hyun Suk has come to the conclusion that no benefits will be produced for YG or the MIXNINE members’ agencies if this project is launched for a mere 4-month-long term. Therefore, he is thinking about excluding the members whose agencies do not accept the 3-year contract and replace them with the members who ranked #10~20 on the show.

“There are also those who think 3 years is too long and 4 months is too short for the contract period. The contract period will probably be adjusted eventually. Currently, there is a high chance that a few of the members will be replaced as well.” Industry Insider


The MIXNINE members are currently back with their agencies figuring out their next step. Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk responded to an article about whether YG would be able to reach a mutual agreement with the other agencies on his Instagram.

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“We must achieve a mutual agreement. I will do my best. Please look forward to it.” ㅡ Yang Hyun Suk

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