Yang Hyun Suk And Seungri Summoned For Two Different Dates By The Police For Their Gambling Investigation

They’ll be heading to the police station once again.

Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri will be called into the police station once again, but this time for their gambling allegations. According to reports, Seungri was summoned for the 28th and Yang Hyun Suk was summoned for the 29th.

The police are planning a thorough questioning about the accusations of their habitual gambling after their recent extensive investigation into the claims. As for Yang Hyun Suk, he will also be investigated further for his other accusations of soliciting prostitutes for foreign investors.

The police are also investigating into YG Entertainment‘s overseas funding.

The Financial Information Analyst found ‘abnormal transactions’ that were trickled abroad by the former CEO Yang.

— MBC Desk

Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri were recently accused of habitually gambling in casinos abroad in Las Vegas and other countries. Habitual gambling is illegal everywhere for all Korean citizens. After discovering that Yang Hyun Suk spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at casinos, he was officially banned from leaving the country during his investigations.

Source: Newsen

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