Yang Hyun Suk Shuts Down Last Form Of Communication After His Booking

His social media has been turned private.

Yang Hyun Suk has changed his social media account to private following his booking.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency revealed that Yang Hyun Suk was booked on charges of soliciting sex and prostitution to foreign investors and other individuals on July 17th.


Amid the allegations Yang Hyun Suk is facing, he has changed his personal social media account to private mode. Yang Hyun Suk has consistently communicated with YG artists and his fans through his social media, but he has now shut down all form of communication.


Yang Hyun Suk is suspected of soliciting sex and prostitution for his foreign investors in 2014 and sending orders for women in the adult entertainment industry to accompany them to Europe in October 2014.

Yang Hyun Suk denied all allegations when he was investigated for 9 hours on June 26th regarding the events that happened in 2014. However, the police have found circumstantial evidence and he has since become a suspect.

Source: TV Daily

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