Yang Hyun Suk Suspected Of Forcing Mr. A To Change His Statement Regarding B.I’s Drug Scandal

They are pointing at Yang Hyun Suk.

In an exclusive report, KBS has detailed how YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk was the person behind suspect Mr. “A” changing his statement regarding B.I‘s attempts to purchase drugs.

A key official made a statement to KBS, stating that Yang Hyun Suk forced the suspect to change his statement and even provided a legal counsel for the suspect.

Mr. A, in  his original statement to the police, confessed that B.I was the idol member who attempted to purchase drugs. However, the day after the investigation, Mr. A received a phone call from YG Entertainment, and met with Yang Hyun Suk in his office, where Yang Hyun Suk urged Mr. A to change his statement about B.I, and hired a legal counsel for Mr. A.

I can confirm that Yang Hyun Suk forced him to change his statement, and that he hired a lawyer to accompany Mr. A in his investigations.

— Key official

Following this, Mr. A visited the police station with is newly hired legal counsel and reversed his statement, saying he never gave B.I any drugs. Police officer “Choi”, who was investigating this case, stated that he felt both the lawyer and Mr. A were acting strange during the investigations.

It’s was something wrong a regular lawyer wouldn’t do. He did a lot of things wrong. He was getting involved in every statement Mr. A made. He was way too protective.

Mr. A came in and it seemed like he was a little intimidated. It was unnatural. When he came in, the first thing he said to me was ‘detective, I’m sorry.’

— Officer “Choi”

KBS attempted to interview the lawyer involved in this case, but were mercilessly shut down. When asked if he knew Yang Hyun Suk, he did not comment.

You already know. I have an obligation to keep things confidential as a lawyer. I can’t talk about it. Please leave, you are refusing to leave the premises.

— Lawyer “Lee”

In their new statement, YG Entertainment stated that they met with Mr. A to verify the authenticity of the drug case with B.I, but they never forced him to change his statement or provide him a legal counsel.

B.I's Drug Scandal