Yang Hyun Suk Still Listed On YG Artist Page After Resignation

He is the first artist listed on the website.

Yang Hyun Suk, who resigned from all of his positions at YG Entertainment following recent scandals, still remains on the agency’s website.

As of June 20th, Yang Hyun Suk’s photo remains on the top of the “YG Artists” list on the website.


Moreover, his profile introduction still refers to him as YG Entertainment’s founder and chief producer, and contains additional information that suggests that YG still belongs to Yang Hyun Suk.


When Seungri and B.I‘s contracts with YG Entertainment were terminated due to scandals, they were removed from the website shortly after. Currently, BIGBANG and iKON‘s group photo on the website’s “Artist” page does not include Seungri or B.I.


Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk announced his resignment from YG Entertainment on June 14th. After being accused of forcing Han Seo Hee to reverse her statement to cover up B.I’s drug scandal, he announced that he will be stepping down from all his positions at YG Entertainment.

Netizens have continued to shed criticism on Yang Hyun Suk for still being the largest shareholder of YG Entertainment and some have claimed that in actuality, he did not have any position to resign from as he did not register his name as an executive.

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