Yang Hyun Suk Explains Why YG Decided To Start Routine Drug Tests On Their Artists

He revealed the specific details.

Lee Kyu Yeon’s Spotlight recently aired an in-depth coverage into YG Entertainment‘s recent drug scandals. They were able to meet with Han Seo Hee, who revealed that YG had an employee, named Mr. Kim, who was in charge of testing their idols for drugs.

Mr. K always carried around a drug test kit with him. It was a big case but if you test your urine, it shows you what drugs you’ve taken.

They needed to test you so that they can flush it out if you test positive.

— Han Seo Hee


The shows’ production team was also able to get in touch with Yang Hyun Suk who offered to reveal his side of the story as long as they held the interview off camera at YG’s building.

He revealed that YG uses an advanced drug testing kit that is sold commonly in the United States.

Over the past 23 years, I haven’t responded back to the media, but I recently thought that I should reveal the truth as much as I can to correct the false rumors.

We currently hold drug tests, and I attend them.

The urine test kits are frequently sold to individuals. We asked around to multiple offices and heard that it was not illegal [to buy them ourselves].

The drug tests we use aren’t sold domestically. The prosecution office uses drug tests that cost 10,000 won (~$9 USD), but this costs about 50,000 won (~$45 USD).

— Yang Hyun Suk


Han Seo Hee also revealed that YG tested every artist except BIGBANG.

They didn’t test BIGBANG, but they tested iKON and WINNER since they were rookies back in 2016.

That’s when B.I tested positive for marijuana.

— Han Seo Hee


When the show got in touch with a drug testing kit manufacturer in Korea, they revealed that it is difficult for individuals in Korea to purchase drug testing kits. They are usually sold only to hospitals and investigative units.

We mostly sell them to hospitals or investigation units.

Its classification was changed to ‘Medical device’ about two years ago, so it won’t be hard for an individual to use one but we don’t sell it to them.

— Drug Testing Kit Manufacturer


When the show pointed out that YG’s drug kits test for 12 different kinds of drugs, while the most common drug kit used in hospitals only test for 6, Yang Hyun Suk claimed it was to make sure their artists do not use any type of drugs whatsoever.

We use this mostly as a method of prevention. We felt that the G-Dragon scandal was caused by the agency’s negligence, so we felt the responsibility to test for drugs ourselves.

It’s a way to prevent [our artists] from using drugs. In order to frighten our kids from using drugs, we have to make sure they don’t use any kind of drugs.

We have an employee who is in charge of these drug tests. Yes, [it is Mr. Kim].

— Yang Hyun Suk


However, Professor Oh Yoon Sung of the Police Administrative Department at the Soon Chun Hyang University analyzed this statement as an excuse. He believes that YG does indeed test for drugs to make sure it doesn’t leak to the press that their artists use drugs.

Using drug tests to determine whether they used or didn’t use drugs is not a method of prevention. It’s a follow-up action.

They’re basically admitting that their artists have a chance of using drugs.

— Professor Oh Yoon Sung

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