Here’s Why The Year-End Award Ceremonies Aren’t Canceled Despite Increasing COVID-19 Numbers

With COVID-19 numbers rising in Korea, people are wondering why they haven’t canceled the year-end award ceremonies.

Despite the rising COVID-19 numbers in Korea, leading to discussions regarding more intense social distancing measures, netizens have been wondering why the year-end award ceremonies are proceeding as planned.

While the numbers continue to rise, the broadcasting companies behind the ceremonies simply expressed their plans to enforce strict social distancing guidelines rather than canceling them altogether.

In response, many are criticizing the broadcasters for not taking appropriate measures.


But there’s a reason why they can’t give up on the year-end ceremonies so easily.

According to one broadcasting representative, they simply can’t give up on the viewership ratings the award ceremonies guarantee.

Given the circumstances of having endured ups and downs this year on both TV and internet platforms, year-end award ceremonies, which guarantees viewership ratings and newsworthy articles, can’t be given up so easily.

— Broadcasting Representative


Another representative added that it simply boils down to money.

The year-end ceremonies is a way to conclude a year of content, but at the same time, it’s a place where all of the stars gather, so the profits made on endorsements are substantial. You can’t overlook the money made from text voting and product placements.

— Broadcasting Representative

The KBS Song Festival as well as the SBS Entertainment Awards recently took place with many more year-end award ceremonies to come during the holidays.

Although they take special measures such as awarding the trophies with sticks and not making any physical contact, some viewers still express their unease regarding the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Source: Insight