Netizens Bash Yeri For Failing To Keep Up With Red Velvet’s Choreography

Netizens uploaded multiple “proofs”.

Every one of RedVelvet‘s tracks feature an intricate choreography that takes lots of energy, skill, and talent to execute – all the while living off of the hectic lifestyle of an idol.


Netizens compiled instances of Yeri‘s dances to claim that she can’t keep up with Red Velvet’s choreography.

  • “She needs to go back to training and practice hard or f*cking leave the group. She’s ruining the rest of the group’s perfect choreography.”
  • “Wow if you watch their performances with Yeri covered, they’re in perfect sync.”
  • “I watch a lot of Red Velvet’s performances and I would always cover for her, thinking ‘It’s only because she debuted late and doesn’t know how to monitor well’… I hoped Power Up would be different but Yeri.. ㅠㅠ Please learn to keep count”


Korean netizens created gifs to emphasize the times when Yeri was off beat compared to the rest of the group.


They compared how her the flexibility and angles in her dancing compared to the others.

  • “Wow look at Seulgi. Her angles are sick, but look at Yeri”
  • “Delayed by one beat at a time”


They bashed her for sticking out among the group for failing to move every arm at the correct angle and timing.

  • “Wow this looks serious… Does SM only make the other members practice? Why is she the only one who’s making mistakes so much?”
  • “I’m a fan but I’m getting tired of this, Yeri.”
  • “If you don’t want to do it, get out of the group!!!!!!!! She lacks practice so much.”
  • “I didn’t notice it before but it’s really serious. All the other members look perfect besides Yeri.”


And how she misplaced her hands on Seulgi’s shoulder and later fixed her hands mid-performance.


The netizens attacked her by questioning the way she practices and trains under SM Entertainment.

  • “Is it true that she practiced since she was in elementary school? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “Yeri just doesn’t have natural dancing skills but she doesn’t try either. That’s why she’s trained for 5 years and debuted 3~4 years ago. Even with that much experience she can’t grow. If someone else’s skills stayed the same for over 8 years in another industry, they wouldn’t get past entry-level status.”
  • “Does SM not monitor her performances??? Wouldn’t they film every performance and dance practice to give her feedback?? Why isn’t she improving??”


It caused quite a discussion online as fans debate for or against the claim. 


Fans defended Yeri’s performance claiming how she nailed her choreography on a regular basis and that the mistakes were anomalies.

  • “Red Velvet members seem so tired”
  • “Let’s cheer them on, not blame them”
  • “It can be cute to make mistakes”


They defended her against the anti-fans who criticized her for being a part of the “dance line” in the group.


In fact, Yeri has proven her skills on the dance floor on a number of occasions. Like this challenge on Weekly Idol for example… 


No matter the netizens’ opinions, no one can deny that Yeri was born to be the star that she is and a few compiled images cannot disprove all that skill!

Source: Hankyung and Nate Pann

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