Yesung’s Warm Words Of Affection Towards His Super Junior Members Has Every ELF Crying

Even after 15 years of being active with them, Yesung has nothing but love for his fellow members!

Super Junior Yesung‘s heartfelt words has every ELF tearing up!

Recently, Yesung, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun guested on the Youtube channel odg, where they reviewed Super Junior’s greatest hits with the cutest kids!

They went through songs from their debut stage with “Twins”…

…to “Bonamana”….

And to their last comeback with “Super Clap”!

After watching stages of their whole career, Yesung spoke fondly about their close bond forged over 15 years of camaraderie, and revealed how his goals are much different now as compared to when they debuted!

When I think about it…now, actually, winning the grand prize, getting first place, getting more famous…those aren’t so meaningful anymore.

I just wish we could be together for a little longer, [be] happier, enjoying the moments together.


Even after so many years, the Super Junior bond continues to remain an iconic one!

Super Junior just dropped their latest comeback song, “House Party”.

Watch Yesung talk about the group’s incredible bond here!

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