YG Announces 2018 Solo Plans For B.I., Mino, And Seungyoon

2018 is looking to be all YG!

Yang Hyun Suk made a surprise announcement that WINNER members Mino and Seungyoon, as well as iKON‘s B.I., will all be releasing a solo album for 2018!

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He uploaded an Instagram post replying to fans, some of which were desperate to see WINNER’s Mino and Seungyoon release their solo albums.


And much to their excitement, YG confirmed that Mino’s solo album was 80% done and Seungyoon’s will also be done by the end of this year!


YG also answered an iKONIC’s plea for iKON’s steady promotions. YG replied that the group’s album was 95% of the way done, but also gave a surprise announcement that B.I. is preparing for a solo album alongside Mino and Seungyoon!

“#SEUNGYOON_BI_SOLO_Within_This_Year” — YG


With so many popular artists under his label, it appears Yang Hyun Suk is working extra hard to satisfy all of the different fans. He added a little thank you note to one fan who was concerned about his health.