YG Entertainment and Yang Hyun Suk to sue reporter for 200 million won

YG Entertainment and CEO Yang Hyun Suk are reported to be suing a reporter for 200 million won.

It is reported that both YG Entertainment and CEO Yang Hyun Suk will be pursuing a lawsuit against a reporter for libel.

Libel means defamation through slander, false rumors, or rumors without concrete evidence.

Last month, a sports reporter identified as K wrote an article regarding YG Entertainment’s relationship with the suspect caught with cocaine at Incheon International Airport after returning from Hong Kong following BIGBANG‘s concert and a fashion brand’s launch party.

Reporter K mentioned all of the past controversies that surrounded YG Entertainment and how the prosecution’s office wasn’t able to come up with a clear solution. He wrapped up his article claiming that it was finally time for the prosecution to prove themselves through this opportunity and gain the public’s trust again since many citizens wondered how YG Entertainment’s artists got out with no charges related to drugs when it would have been different for ordinary citizens.

The suspect, identified as Harry Kim, has proven his close relations with YG Entertainment’s artists such as G-Dragon and Sandara Park with various photos together on his SNS account. However, YG Entertainment has denied any relations with the cocaine bust nor the fact that Harry Kim ever worked full time at YG Entertainment.

Harry Kim is currently detained in a detention facility and is reported to have outed at least five people related to using drugs.

YG Entertainment and Yang Hyun Suk claim that the reporter defamed them by making and spreading false informed reports about them. Both YG and Yang Hyun Suk sued the reporter K for a total of 200 million totaling up to nearly $169,000 dollars USD.

However, the reporter K claimed he was innocent by stating that “YG Entertainment is only focusing on the couple sentences but my article’s intention was requesting the prosecution’s office to do a thorough investigation.”

[ +15401 / -2173] Like Park Bom’s incident, was there any time YG apologized or clearly revealed what really happened? It seems that Yang Hyun Suk has a lot of problems as well.

[ +12411 / -1373] Park Bom to be honest…

[ +11961 / -1203] False information..? Then you should explain it thoroughly yourself.

Source: Newsis, Sports World Comments: Newsis vis Naver

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