YG Entertainment Announces They Will “Revise” TREASURE’s “MMM” Choreography — After A Hashtag Takes Over Twitter

The announcement came after Treasure Makers voiced their concerns for the safety of the members.

When YG Entertainment‘s hit rookie boy group TREASURE dropped “MMM”…

TREASURE at “Inkigayo”. | @ygtreasuremaker/Twitter

… K-Pop fans grew extremely concerned over this move in the choreography.

From TREASURE’s “MMM” music video. | TREASURE/YouTube

Considering “how dangerous it is for all members involved in completing this move“…

… fans began heavily criticizing YG Entertainment for putting the members through it on stage — where “they feel obliged to pull it off no matter how difficult or painful it actually feels.”

TREASURE’s fandom Treasure Makers eventually got around to trending hashtag #YG_트레저_안무수정해 (#YG_TREASURE_CHOREOGRAPHYFIX).

Please put safety first. Please fix this choreography.

— Twitter @pimnaphat98

In response to the growing fan concerns, YG Entertainment tweeted an official announcement on November 8…

| @ygtreasuremaker/Twitter

… reassuring the fans that while the members perfected the move “through a long period of practice“, they will “revise” the issue.

Watch the full MV here:

Source: THEQOO