What’s Happening At YG Entertainment? Group Members’ Departures Spark Conversations About The Agency’s Artist Management

“I’m so done with you, YG…”

In an official statement, YG Entertainment announced that TREASURE will be a 10-member group from now on.

TREASURE | YG Entertainment

Members Bang Yedam and Mashiho have ended their contracts with the company and will no longer be promoting with TREASURE.

After a long and careful discussion with Mashiho and Bang Ye dam was mutually agreed to conclude the contracts between the two and YG Entertainment.

We have reached such agreement so that Mashiho could have enough time to recover from his health condition, and Bang Ye dam could pursue his career as a producer.

— YG Entertainment

This heartbreaking news now has fans wondering what’s going on behind closed doors at YG Entertainment. TREASURE is, unfortunately, not the first YG Entertainment boy group to lose members.

Though the reasons for their departures vary, BIGBANGWINNER, and iKON also lost members over the years.

After leaving YG Entertainment in 2016, Nam Tae Hyun went on to start his own label and re-debut as the leader of his own group, South Club.

Nam Tae Hyun | Wikipedia

In 2019, Seungri announced his retirement from the Korean entertainment industry during the Burning Sun Scandal.

Seungri speaking to reporters during the Burning Sun Scandal.

That same year, B.I withdrew from iKON following drug use allegations. He has since gone on to have a successful solo career.


In TREASURE’s case, fans feel blindsided and some are blaming YG Entertainment’s artist management for the loss of Bang Yedam and Mashiho. Both stars were on hiatus but expected to return to the group.

Given that several YG Entertainment groups have, unfortunately, lost members or disbanded within the past 10 years, some fans have lost faith in the agency and are reluctant to become attached to YG Entertainment’s artists.

When did it all start? Many fans point to 2NE1‘s disbandment as the moment that changed everything.

2NE1, one of the most groundbreaking girl groups in K-Pop history, debuted in 2009 and disbanded in 2016.

2NE1 | YG Entertainment

Here’s how fans are reacting to the TREASURE news.

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