Numerous YG Artists Are Supposedly Making Efforts to Leave the Agency Following Recent Scandals

According to informants of Yonhap News, numerous YG artists have been reviewing means of leaving the agency.

In the midst of YG Entertainment‘s recent scandals involving drugs, police collusion, and more, indications of the agency’s celebrities making efforts to leave have been observed by an informant of Yonhap News.

The media outlet recently reported, “The public’s perception of YG Entertainment has plummeted so much that people are calling the agency ‘YG Pharmacy’. For actors who have to take good care of their image, they must think hard about transferring agencies at this point in time.

According to the informant, YG actors, A, B, C, D, and more are reviewing means of how they can transfer agencies.

In addition, another informant claimed, “As far as I know, some of the YG actors are actively engaged in conversation with agencies other than YG Entertainment at the moment. And the external agencies are offering various conditions such as providing legal aid in the case that they terminate their contracts and transfer agencies.

A related person of a large agency expressed, “Agencies with proper systems terminate contracts with artists as soon as a problem is observed because no matter how talented they are, it could cause bigger problems later on. I wonder if YG was simply striving for profits without considering their moral standards.

Source: Dispatch

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