Here Are The 3 Reasons YG Entertainment Is Expected To Have A Better Year In 2020

Loyal K-Pop fans look forward to the agency’s rise again.

2019 has been a rough year for YG Entertainment — and after everything the agency has gone through, K-Pop fans wondered if it could “recover” from the string of scandals that shook the nation.


Korean entertainment business experts believe, however, that in 2020 things will turn around for YG Entertainment. For starters, experts pointed out that BIGBANG members are most likely to renew their contracts with the agency. While toward the end of 2019, it had been rather unclear how the members will react to their contracts ending, experts now believe that the agency’s recent success in renewing contracts with its top tier actors like Kang Dong Won and Lee Sung Kyung likely has played a good influence.


Now that the remaining members, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung, are all done with their military duties, they are expected to begin promoting as a whole again. In fact, the announcement of BIGBANG in this year’s Coachella line up has turned K-Pop fans hopeful for more activities to follow.


Experts also pointed out that BLACKPINK‘s soaring popularity outside Korea is bound to keep the agency strong in 2020. Despite the scandals, BLACKPINK actually ended 2019 on a positive note. Their tour concerts had strong turnouts and their “Kill This Love” album tracks became beloved among Korean and international fans. With a new album said to be in the works for early 2020, BLACKPINK also leave K-Pop fans with high hope for YG Entertainment.


Finally, as the agency recently announced, a new boy group is to debut in 2020 — and experts see great potential there. YG Entertainment has released an updated statement about TREASURE13, confirming the group’s debut plans. The agency claimed, “While YG selected 7 members for TREASURE and 6 for MAGNUM, and also collectively named them TREASURE13, we decided to combine the 3 groups into one name, TREASURE.” And as the agency also claimed that it “will encourage and support the members to actively participate in production”, K-Pop fans look forward to another creative boy group with a distinguishable and irreplaceable color.


That being said, loyal K-Pop fans look forward to the YG family having a successful year in 2020. And, regardless of all that has happened in 2019, YG Entertainment continues to strive in the best interest of its artists.

Source: THEQOO