YG Entertainment explains the secret planning behind 2NE1’s “MAMA” performance + possible comeback plans

As fans remained thrilled towards Bom’s appearance at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards, more details are being revealed about 2NE1’s possible plans of a comeback. 

In a statement by 2NE1’s representatives on December 3rd, a day after surprising fans with a special performance in Hong Kong, it was stated that the performance was planned with a considerable period of secrecy with only the producers knowing about Bom’s appearance. Due to their strict planning, the members did not rouse any suspicions of a reunion as there was no mention of the members upon their arrival, rehearsals, cue sheets and more.

With fans reacting to Bom’s return and all four members reuniting, more attention is being poured towards the possibility of the group making a full comeback. In this regard, YG Entertainment is taking a cautious approach that despite the special reunion stage, no specific plans for a comeback are being planned yet.

Following CL’s exclusive solo performance, 2NE1 reunited once more by showcasing live stages of their hit tracks “Fire” and “I Am The Best.”

Source: StarNews


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