YG Entertainment Gives An Update About Ahyeon Amidst Speculations Of Her Leaving BABYMONSTER

It only answers part of the questions raised by fans.

Recently, YG Entertainment (YG hereon) confirmed the debut date of its much-anticipated girl group BABYMONSTER through a “coming soon” notice on the company’s social media channels.

The news finally put an end to fans’ anxious wait as the group was originally scheduled to debut in September, but the plans fell through. In their recent update about the group, YG mentioned that the delay was inevitable since the company wanted to choose the perfect song for its debut. But now all preparations have been finalized, and the members will film the music video at the end of this October. BABYMONSTER will officially debut in November.

We were extra careful in selecting the title track so that we could repay the fans with the highest quality. Due to the process, we ask for your understanding that their debut will be later than the previously mentioned September.

All preparations are complete now. We will continue to work full speed ahead so that BABYMONSTER will be able to debut in November. Please give them your attention.

— YG Entertainment

While the announcement soothed fans’ concerns about the group’s debut, another question remained looming. Recently, there have been speculations about Ahyeon, a part of BABYMOSTER’s supposed 7-member lineup, leaving the group. Notably, during BLACKPINK’s Born Pink Seoul finale concert in September, only six BABYMONSTER members were seen in the audience. Ahyeon’s long absence from the group’s social media has also fuelled speculations of her departure.

BABYMONSTER at BLACKPINK’s concert | theqoo

YG didn’t specify in its latest notice about the final lineup of BABYMONSTER either. But a representative told JTBC that Ahyeon is “also preparing for her debut.”

Ahyeon | ELLE HongKong

Without any further explanation, the statement has shrouded Aheyon’s status in BABYMONSTER in even more mystery. It is uncertain if she is still a part of the lineup or preparing to join another girl group under the same agency.

Meanwhile, Ahyeon was one of the standout participants in Last Evolution, the YouTube reality content that showcased the potential BABYMONSTER members’ skills and talents. Though she is yet to debut, Ahyeon has garnered a substantial domestic and international fanbase with her performances.

BABYMONSTER, on the other hand, is YG’s first girl group after BLACKPINK. Comprising members from Korea, Japan, and Thailand, the group has showcased multifaceted talents in rap, dance, vocals, and visuals. Netizens are highly anticipating their debut, predicting that the group might become the next “monster rookies” of K-Pop.

Source: JTBC