YG Entertainment loses lawsuit, netizens claim the verdict is ludicrous

Following the recent news of JYP Entertainment and miss A Suzy‘s loss in their own publicity lawsuit, reports of YG Entertainment recently losing their own lawsuit was released.

The agency had been embroiled in a lawsuit against a company (hereby “A”) that had created and sold a figurine based on PSY, who is currently housed under YG Entertainment. The figurine (as seen below in the video embedded) not only resembles the world star, but begins to dance and play PSY’s worldwide hit “Gangnam Style” at the push of a button.

In their lawsuit, YG Entertainment stated, “The publicity rights, including portrait rights were infringed in this,” charging company “A” for  infringement on the publicity rights of their artist.

However, the Seoul courts ruled otherwise, not seeing the similarity between PSY and the figurine.  An official from the courts said, “There have not been many cases of publicity rights so the court does not have custom to follow. That’s why verdicts are all over the place.”

Netizens have been outraged at such ridiculous verdicts and crying for justice, siding with the popular Korean entertainment agency. A similar reaction was also given in Suzy’s recently lost case against a company for a similar issue.

Source: Channel A