YG Entertainment’s New Luxury Building Is Finally Complete — Here’s Everything It Contains

Luxurious facilities for luxurious artists.

YG Entertainment‘s new building has finally been completed and they are moving in. Here’s everything that’s inside their new building.

YG Entertainment announced today that their new building, which has been in the works for eight years, has finally been completed and they started moving into the building back on September 16. Their new building, located in Hapjeong-dong right next to their old office building contains a total of 14 floors — five underground and nine above ground. The interior covers 19,834 square meters (213,491 square feet), which is ten times larger than their old building.

It would have been easier to buy an existing building that was already made, but since we are in a special industry that is dealing with music, we should be careful not to cause any excess noise to bother the commercial businesses and residents in the area, and the perfect noise cancelling between rooms and floors was necessary. For the soundproofing to be effective, we needed a high floor height. It was difficult starting from the construction stage to make this building without very thorough calculations.

— YG Entertainment

The existing YG Entertainment building will be connected to the new YG building via a ground bridge. Inside the new building there are a variety of new features, including a multi-floor auditorium, 7 large dance practice rooms, 7 large recording studios, and 30 individual music production rooms for use by YG Entertainment artists and producers.

In addition, YG Entertainment’s new cafeteria will introduce the company’s famous home-cooked meals, which were introduced on many broadcasts previously. The entire 2nd floor of the new building has been designed to be the company’s restaurant zone, while the basement will include sports and entertainment facilities to provide convenience to the company’s artists and employees.

It has been 10 years since we moved into our previous office building and since then, the number of related business fields and staff have significantly increased. Because of that, we had been renting and using several offices around us. Now, we expect to have higher efficiency as all of our employees, who are scattered throughout several offices, all gather in our new building by the end of the year.

— YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment’s new building will also have an area dedicated for fans. An entire floor of the old building will be converted by the end of the year to include a rest area, exhibition area, and convenience faculties for fans to use.

In front of the YG building, many foreign fans have come to see their favorite artists, but the problem was that they would be standing in the streets, even during the cold winters and hot summers. We felt especially sorry that there was a lack of basic facilities such as bathrooms.

As we were preparing the new building, we thought we should make an area for the fans, and now we are very happy that we can provide such conveniences in an interior space, so our fans will not have to struggle in the heat or cold. The fans can use the space in the old building, where it is very easy to see the new building.

We will help raise K-Pop’s status in the global music market by fostering new artists in our new building equipped with the most advanced facilities.

— YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment is currently home to BIGBANG, BLACKPINK, WINNER, iKON, AKMU, and TREASURE, along with a plethora of famous actors and actresses.

Source: Osen