YG Entertainment Officially Comments On BLACKPINK Lisa’s Contract Status

They shared their statement on the rumors that are going around.

YG Entertainment has officially commented on BLACKPINK Lisa‘s contract renewals.

In a statement to media outlet TV Report, YG Entertainment commented on rumors of Lisa’s contract renewals.

We are still discussing contract renewals with Lisa. The rumors that are going around are nothing that is confirmed.

— YG Entertainment

Earlier, it was reported that Lisa rejected YG Entertainment’s contract offer worth $40 million USD. In addition, back in July, it was reported that Lisa and YG Entertainment were very far apart in negotiations. Since BLACKPINK debuted in 2016, their contracts are set to expire this year. YG Entertainment has not yet officially announced any renewals for the members.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reportedly Rumored To Have Rejected YG Entertainment’s Contract Offer Worth Around $40 Million

Source: TV Report


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