YG Entertainment praised for their support during Se7en’s discharge despite expired contract

YG Entertainment has been commended for their family-like relationship following Se7en’s discharge from the military. 

On December 28th, Se7en officially finished his mandatory military training and held a small ceremony in Pocheon, Gyeonggido. However, as he made his way out of the training camp, it was reported that managers from YG Entertainment accompanied him at the event despite not having any contract with the agency. The managers were described to have accompanied the singer and coordinated the welcoming press conference.

A representative revealed that despite Se7en’s contract from YG Entertainment expired after his enlistment, they decided to help him as much as they can despite not being affiliated to the agency.

The support has attracted the attention of their fans sparking speculations of a possible renewal between Se7en and YG Entertainment. However, there is no clear stance whether a renewal is possible as the relationship between the two is more family-like rather than bound by a contract.

Se7en made his training under YG Entertainment when he was fifteen and made his debut in 2003 with the track, “Come Back To Me,” followed by a number of hit releases such as “Passion” “Crazy,” “I Know” and more.

However, since his discharge, Se7en confirms that he will be resting before preparing for a comeback.

Source: DailySports and TVReport