YG Entertainment Promises The Most Expensive Music Video EVER For BLACKPINK’s August Comeback

YG keeps building the hype.

YG Entertainment has promised that BLACKPINK‘s August comeback music video will come with the most expensive music video of all time.

In a statement shared by YG Entertainment to media outlets including Newsen, the company shared their plans for BLACKPINK’s August comeback.

BLACKPINK is currently filming their music video. The highest production costs of all-time are being invested into it.

As we have prepared well with a thorough plan, the whole process is proceeding smoothly.

— YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK will launch a series of music-related projects, starting with their collaboration concert with PUBG Mobile and their August comeback to their largest ever world tour later in the year. Other projects are also in the works for the group and there will be a steady release of content and projects. The first release will be the music video for “Ready For Love”, which will be released on July 29.

Source: Newsen