YG Entertainment Releases Details For iKON’s First Comeback As 6, Addresses B.I’s Inclusion In the Album

B.I’s produced songs will still be on the album.

YG Entertainment has just confirmed iKON will be making their comeback on February 6, 2020 with the group’s third mini-album, titled i DECIDE. The album will contain a total of 5 new songs.

They also released a statement on why iKON’s comeback was delayed, and addressed B.I‘s departure after 7 months. YG Entertainment first talked about the mini-album.

A notice about iKON’s new album.

Hello, this is YG Entertainment. We would like to talk about iKON’s new mini-album [I DECIDE], which will be released in 2020.

iKON’s new mini-album will be released on February 6, 2020 and contain a total of 5 new songs. The album was initially recorded in early 2019, and the goal was to have it released in the middle of 2019.

However, due to the sudden withdrawal of B.I, who was the team’s leader and producer, the release plan for iKON’s new music was postponed indefinitely. Internally, the company was very cautious about how to utilize the songs that were originally completed in early 2019.

— YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment went on to explain how there were 2 big issues that they were facing with the withdrawal of B.I.

There were two big things we were worried about.

The first one,

We were worried about the idea of restarting the songwriting and producing process for all of the songs that B.I produced, removing all of B.I’s songs. With this idea, we also considered the concerns and drawbacks of having the gap between iKON’s comeback being even longer.

The second one,

We would have to remove the rap parts that B.I initially recorded, and the other members would have to record the songs again. The order and balance of parts the members would be different from the original song, and we would need to determine each members’ new parts, and record it all from the beginning.

— YG Entertainment

In the end, YG Entertainment revealed their solution of how they dealt with their 2 worries, hinting that B.I’s produced songs will still be included on the album.

The members and the company decided to resolve their issues by using the solutions to both of their worries.

The original songs were not solely produced by B.I, but jointly with YG Entertainment’s producers. During the preparation process, the iKON members’ hard work and dedication could be seen, so we have decided to modify the songs so that iKON’s hard work can be included on the album. In addition, the other members of iKON participated in the writing of the lyrics, and we have also added a new song from a member who will make his name known for the first time as a composer.

We simply have no words for how both B.I and the 6 iKON members feel towards their fans, losing their team’s leader. We would also like to apologize for not taking good enough care of the group.

Although our regret is belated, we will use all of our abilities and investments to make sure to protect the remaining 6 iKON members.

We always appreciate the love and support from the fans, and will do our best to repay their gratitude. Please support iKON’s new start as 6 members.

Thank you.

— YG Entertainment