YG Entertainment Releases Explanation Regarding WINNER’s Seunghoon’s “Deputy Lee” Nickname

YG explained the nickname.

YG Entertainment has released their statement clearing up why WINNER‘s Lee Seunghoon has the “Deputy Lee” nickname, revealing that it was all a “simple happening” and he does not actually have a leadership position within the company.

In their press release, they explained why the title of “deputy director” appeared in relation to Seunghoon in the reports connecting him to B.I.

The report that Lee Seunghoon is a deputy director of YG Entertainment’s planning office is not true, it was just a simple happening. It was just a nickname given to him, who often presents many different ideas. The business card was also a one-time prop that was using in a video.

The controversy over Seunghoon’s involvement in the negative scandal with “A” (Han Seo Hee) is not true, and the truth will be revealed through police investigations.

We sincerely hope the press understands, and sincerely ask you to refrain from making speculative reports.

— YG Entertainment

Seunghoon also commented on the deputy nickname back in 2017 on a radio show, clarifying that it was a joke.

Earlier, it was revealed by Dispatch that Seunghoon was involved in the drug scandal surrounding B.I and Han Seo Hee.

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Source: Star News

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