YG Entertainment Responds To Fans’ BLACKPINK Billboard Protest

YG Entertainment has released an official statement.

BLACKPINK‘s agency, YG Entertainment, has released an official statement in response to BLINK‘s call for change.


Recently, BLACKPINK fans trended the hashtag “BLINKSDemandForBLACKPINK” worldwide as part of their campaign to get better treatment for BLACKPINK.


Fans believe that YG Entertainment is not dedicating enough attention and resources to BLACKPINK, who have consistently broken records and earned millions of dollars for the company in 2019 alone. BLACKPINK was promised two comebacks in 2019, but only one comeback came to fruition.


In addition to trending the hashtag, BLINKs raised funds to place a video billboard truck right outside YG Entertainment headquarters. The truck, which carries the message “BLINKS DEMAND FOR BLACKPINK”, highlights BLACKPINK’s lack of discography, and more.


On December 16, YG Entertainment released the following statement in English and Korean. It lists BLACKPINK’s current activities, expresses gratitude, and requests fans’ “warm words of support” for BLACKPINK.

YG is all ears when it comes to fans’ concerns regarding all of our artists including BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK has successfully wrapped up their world tour this year that consisted of 32 concerts in four continents and 23 cities, and they are currently on their Japanese dome tour. At the same time, they are recording several new songs in the studio.

We ask you to send BLACKPINK warm words of support, as they are working hard to prepare for their new album with goals for release in early 2020.

All of us at YG would like to express our deepest gratitude to fans for the feedback and support, and we will always do our absolute best to bring the best music YG has to offer.

— YG Entertainment


Many fans, however, have found this statement unsatisfactory. Since actions speak louder than words, fans are hoping YG Entertainment will work harder for BLACKPINK and BLINK.