YG Entertainment responds to netizen accusations that Psy is receiving special military treatment

Shortly after news broke about a deadly shooting that took place at a reserve force training camp at which Psy was present, netizens began accusing the singer of receiving special military treatment.

Despite recently praising the singer for his military service, netizens accused Psy of receiving special treatment from the military after he reportedly used early leave from a reserve forces drill.

It was reported that the singer had attended the drill at the same location where the shooting had taken place, but had left the training early due to personal schedules and that he had received special permission from the military authorities to do so. When netizens discovered that Psy had evaded potential danger because he was released early, they accused the singer of receiving special treatment because of his celebrity status.

In response to these accusations, a YG Entertainment representative stated, “Psy left the training early because his schedule was already set and could not be changed. This is part of a system that can be used by all reserve soldiers, and the rumors that he is receiving special treatment are complete nonsense.

Military officials helped the situation by stating that if there are obvious reasons that someone needs to leave early and they provide documentation, they can leave early if they complete supplementary training in the future.

Source: Asiae