YG Entertainment reveals iKON will debut as early as August in new update

YG Entertainment once again spoke on the update of iKON and their anticipated debut, giving another possible time frame to awaiting fans.

On June 17th, a music insider revealed that the agency has decided to let iKON make their debut near the end of September following the end of their promotions with project MADE, which initially began in May.

The insider revealed, “iKON has created more than 50 songs in preparation for their official debut. iKON will make their official debut into the music industry as early as the end of August.”

An official from YG Entertainment spoke to TV Report and confirmed the news, stating, “iKON is preparing for their scheduled debut this August. They are hard at work on their album.”

Despite not having officially promoted or debut as a group yet, iKON has already garnered quite the fanbase both at home and internationally. Following the end of MIX & MATCH and the confirmation of the members who would debut, iKON held their first fan meeting and garnered over 7,000 fans. Member Bobby further progresses his recognition as a rapper by winning Mnet‘s Show Me The Money 3.

Currently, some of the members have been active through several advertisement with the group as a whole recently acquiring an endorsement with brand NEPA.

Source: Star News and TV Report

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