YG Entertainment Reportedly Struggling As Their Trainees Are Trying To Leave The Agency, Agency Responds

YG is desperately trying to hold onto their trainees.

YG Entertainment is reportedly struggling to hold onto their trainees as the young aspirants are trying to leave the company due to its multiple scandals that tore the company’s image apart.

Many of the trainees are meeting other agencies in order to transfer out of YG, while some have already left the company to sign elsewhere. The trainees who appeared on YG Treasure Box and PRODUCE X 101 have reportedly already left the agency.

This led to the question of TREASURE13, the winners from YG Treasure Box, who were supposed to debut this past July. Their debut was delayed after Yang Hyun Suk was accused of soliciting prostitution, embezzlement, illegal gambling, and more.


YG Entertainment spoke up about the reports about their trainees by denying the reports. They claimed that everything was working just the same and they are preparing their other plans well.

All of our employees are working as they had always done. Many of our planned schedules are also well underway.

— YG Entertainment

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