Is YG Entertainment trying to mend relations with KBS?

After YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk was reported to have had met for a lengthy meeting with KBS‘ variety department, news has spread that the two companies are trying to amend their uneasy relations with each other. 

Although there was never any official confirmation that KBS and YG Entertainment had strained relations, it’s well-known that there’s some form of friction between the two companies.

YG Entertainment artists are rarely spotted on KBS’ programs, be it promoting their work through KBS’ Music Bank, attending KBS’ end-of-the-year festival, or even making an appearance on one of their shows.

Thus it came as a surprise when YG Entertainment’s hip-hop duo Jinusean held their comeback stage for “One More Time” on Music Bank on April 17th, and an even bigger surprise that Yang Hyun Suk met with KBS’ variety department.

Speculations that the two companies will develop an amicable relationship once again have arisen given recent events and hopeful fans are crossing their fingers as they anticipate the possibility of seeing BIGBANG perform on Music Bank.

In related news, BIGBANG has ruled the music charts after their long-awaited comeback with “Loser,” and “Bae Bae” on May 1st. The group has also been treating fans by releasing daily videos from their “Sticky Rice Cake” special in celebration of their comeback.

Source: Osen