OG YG Family Reunite At SE7EN And Lee Da Hae’s Wedding

The most swag wedding ever!

Celebrity couple SE7EN and Lee Da Hae recently tied the knot. The lavish ceremony was held in Seoul, with a full hotel banquet to boot. Their wedding was attended by many celebrities, including the 20 listed below.

20 Celebrities Who Attended Actress Lee Da Hae And SE7EN’s Wedding

As SE7EN was formerly from YG Entertainment, it made perfect sense that the OG YG Family was in full form at his wedding. 2NE1‘s CL uploaded photos from the soiree to her Instagram. BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon was amongst the guests.

G-Dragon, Lee Da Hae, SE7EN, and CL. | @chaelincl/Instagram

Fans were glad to see that the girls of 2NE1 were seated together. Minzy and Sandara enjoyed their food while CL snapped a quick photo.

| @chaelincl/Instagram

Comedian Jo Se Ho, who’s known to be close to Taeyang and G-Dragon was also there.

CL, Jo Se Ho, and Taeyang. | @chaelincl/Instagram

Model Lee Soo Hyuk also graced the party with his presence.

| @chaelincl/Instagram

Stars such as Daesung, and Gummy were also present at the ceremony.

| @chaelincl/Instagram

Fans were delighted to see the reunion of the OG YG Family consisting of 2nd generation idols and singers. It’s not easy to see a majority of them reunite in public in this day and age, although they still remain close privately. Congratulations to Lee Da Hae and SE7EN on their marriage!

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