“YG Future Strategy Office” Criticized For Insensitive And Unamusing Topics

The Korean audience is not having it.

YG Future Strategy Office, which was finally released on October 5th through Netflix, has been criticized by netizens for its insensitive and unamusing topics.


YG Future Strategy Office is a sitcom that features Seungri and well as numerous cameos as he tries to save YG Entertainment.

Seungri’s New Sitcom “YG Future Strategy Office” Will Be Premiering On Netflix Next Month


Large-scale press conferences in addition to showcases, etc., had raised expectations for YG’s new program, especially since it was their first production since MIXNINE, which obtained a low audience rating and was involved in controversies over MIXNINE’s debut.


Despite expectations, however, netizens seemed thoroughly disappointed over the insensitive topics that were brought up in the program. In particular, topics such as online body exposure and sexual harassment garnered much criticism from those who watched the program.


In one scene, a rookie YG model was ordered to expose their top in front of a foreign investor. Seungri aided the situation and the model’s manager eventually forced the model to take off their top.


Other instances of sexual harassment within the office or mockery of artists such a female YG employee secretly taking pictures of a man sleeping on the sofa thinking he was a member of iKON, a male fan changing in front of BLACKPINK or WINNER giving Seungri panties with profanity written on them have made some viewers uncomfortable.


Unlike the program’s original motive, which was an attempt at black comedy, the Korean public has been showing a more sensitive reaction towards the program and due to the numerous issues that have been surrounding YG artists, it seems more difficult for viewers to take some subjects lightly.

  • “I watched until episode 6 but I can’t tell what the purpose of the sitcom is. It’s excessive and the humor points are just not funnyㅜㅜ”
  • “Were they high when filming this? I thought they were all crazy. Was that really funny? These people need to go and reflect upon themselves. Tsk tsk.”
  • “It’s so corny I couldn’t watch more than 5 minutes. It’s seriously sooo cheesy.”
  • “I guess YG is outdated now.”
  • “I think Big Hit needs to replace YG in the top 3 agencies.”
  • “Yea they should just call it YG Pharmacy.”
Source: My Daily