Seungri’s New Sitcom “YG Future Strategy Office” Will Be Premiering On Netflix Next Month

It features all the hot celebrities from YG Entertainment.

YG Entertainment and Netflix announced that Seungri‘s new sitcom called YG Future Strategy Office will be released next month!


The sitcom will revolve around Seungri being sent to the YG Future Strategy Office, a department where the troublemakers of YG are supposedly sent. The story will follow Seungri as he tries to save YG Entertainment and return to the CEO’s side.


Other YG stars including Yoo Byung Jae and SECHSKIESLee Jaejin will also be featured in the program alongside YG idols such as BLACKPINK, iKON and WINNER, who will be making guest appearances on the show as well.


Netflix has recently released a teaser for the sitcom, which includes a series of confessions about Seungri made by female stars including BLACKPINK, APINK‘s Son Naeun, Chungha and Sunmi.


With such an incredible lineup of female artists, fans are totally excited!


Check out the full teaser below:

Source: Sports Chosun