YG Hires The Best Elite Lawyers In Korea To Fight MIXNINE Lawsuit

YG recruited the help of the best lawyers to fight against Happy Face.

YG Entertainment is gearing up to fight the lawsuit brought on by Happy Face Entertainment for failing to keep their contractual promise to debut the members of MIXNINE.

After receiving the lawsuit complaint, YG Entertainment vowed to “respond with our legal team to the fullest extent.” And it appears that they’re keeping to their word because they’ve hired the legal team of Kim & Chang Law Firm to represent them in the legal fight against Happy Face Entertainment.

Kim & Chang Law Firm is recognized as one of the most elite law firms in Korea. Three of their lawyers will represent YG Entertainment in court. Happy Face Entertainment has hired four lawyers from Dongbaek Law Firm to stand against YG Entertainment in the legal battle.

The trial between YG and Happy Face is set to begin on August 30.

Source: Xportsnews