Happy Face Entertainment Sues YG Entertainment For Failing To Debut MIXNINE

Happy Face sued YG Entertainment for MIXNINE’s failed debut.

According to Seoul Central District Law, Happy Face Entertainment filed a lawsuit against YG Entertainment for 10 million won (~$9,000 USD). Happy Face claimed that YG Entertainment led the program, JTBC’s MIXNINE, with the influence of being a top 3 entertainment company but failed to uphold the contractual agreements.

MIXNINE was a survival audition program where Yang Hyun Suk visited various entertainment companies to pick out possible contestants for a project group that will debut under YG’s management. The program began in October 2017, and the debut group was chosen in January 2018. The program saw less than stellar ratings as controversies arose regarding Yang Hyun Suk‘s behavior towards the contestants.

The debut team’s future was also caught in a controversy as YG Entertainment wanted to extend their promotions to 3 years. In the end, YG announced that they will not be able to debut the winning team as planned because they failed to reach an agreement with the labels.

Among the labels was Happy Face Entertainment, who managed the first place winner Woo Jinyoung. Happy Face announced that they couldn’t agree to YG’s 3-year contractual agreement because it would be detrimental to small companies like them.

“YG initially stated that their management period will last 4 months but they suddenly extended it to 3 years. This time agreement is disadvantageous to small companies.

YG Entertainment kept leaning towards the debut plans falling through unless we agreed to the 3-year terms. It was just a power play from a major entertainment label.”

— Happy Face Entertainment

They are suing YG Entertainment for failing to fulfill their contractual agreements regarding expenses and pay. Happy Face listed the expenses they’ve spent regarding Woo Jinyoung and his initial plans to debut with YG Entertainment.

“YG did not fulfill their conditions that they will pay for all of the expenses, such as training, that was occurred during the program.

Having believed that Woo Jinyoung will debut under YG Entertainment, we paid for his training, makeup, clothes, and transportation expenses for about six months.

We have not received the revenue from music distribution as stated in the contract either.”

— Happy Face Entertainment

They have filed a lawsuit for 10 million won in damages, but plans on expanding the cost once they finish sorting out all the materials needed to prove the specific damages.

Source: Newsis