YG Sent Han Seo Hee To LA To Cover Up T.O.P’s Drug Scandal

And the timing coincided with BIGBANG’s comeback.

Dispatch has revealed details about what YG Entertainment did in attempts to keep T.O.P and B.I‘s drug cases hidden.

In November 2016, YG Entertainment proposed that Han Seo Hee leave to the US. Han Seo Hee agreed but when she didn’t leave immediately, YG began to rush her.

The following is a portion of the 2nd suspect interrogatory:

Police: Why did you go to the US on December 9, 2016?
Han Seo Hee: My company’s CEO asked me, “YG wants you to go abroad. What do you think?” When I delayed my flight due to personal reasons, YG rushed our company saying, “What are you doing not sending Seo Hee already?” So, I left on December 9.


Why did YG want to send Han Seo Hee abroad? Let’s go back to October 8, 2016, the starting point of this case. Han Seo Hee received a message on this day from a number she did not recognize.

T.O.P: Hello~
Han Seo Hee: Who is this?
T.O.P: I asked XX for your number~~

Han Seo Hee called the number and asked who it was. He replied, “Choi Seunghyun.” It was BIGBANG‘s T.O.P. When she asked how he got her number, he replied, “ I saw you yesterday at G Cafe in Cheongdam-dong. I wanted to meet you so I asked for your number.”

T.O.P sent another text message to Han Seo Hee at 9:21 pm on the same day and this is how their relationship began.

T.O.P: Do you think you’ll be done by 10 pm?^^


At the time, T.O.P was preparing for BIGBANG’s comeback. He was working on their album until late in the night. On October 10 when he was just about finished working, he sent Han Seo Hee a message:

T.O.P: Are you still lost? (10.10.04:18)
Han Seo Hee: No, oppa. My friend keeps calling me. Hold on. (10.10.04:18)
T.O.P: Okay. I’m so boredㅠㅠ (10.10.04:18)

He also sent another message on October 12 at 4:42 am:

T.O.P: I have so much workㅠㅠ are you sleeping?


And another message on October 14 at 5:56 am:

T.O.P: I think we should leave in 15 minutes.


The pair had continued to meet each other and even smoked marijuana together. And the news eventually reached YG’s ears.

BIGBANG was preparing for their comeback at the time. In YG’s perspective, Han Seo Hee was a type of “risk”. And in order to avoid this risk, they chose to send Han Seo abroad.


Dispatch spoke to a person affiliated with Han Seo Hee’s agency at the time, who confirmed that YG wanted Han Seo Hee to stay abroad during BIGBANG’s promotions.

A, who works with YG, came to visit us. A said, ‘YG would like (Seo Hee) to stay abroad during BIGBANG’s promotions.’ The company booked the flight and she stayed in the US until BIGBANG’s album promotions came to an end.

ㅡ Person affiliated with Han Seo Hee’s former agency


Han Seo Hee also made a similar statement during her 2nd suspect interrogatory:

Police: You were in the US for approximately 3 months. Why were you there for so long?
Han Seo Hee: I was planning to leave on December 9, 2016, stay for about a month and return in early January of this year. On February 9, 2017, T.O.P enlisted in the military and my agency’s CEO told me to rest one or two months longer before returning. This is my opinion but I think they may have been planning to bring me back after T.O.P enlisted in the military.


On December 9, 2016, Han Seo Hee got on a flight to Los Angeles, California.

On December 13, 2016, BIGBANG released their album, Made.

The title song was “FXXK IT”, much like the way YG dealt with their risk. YG had known about T.O.P’s marijuana use before BIGBANG’s comeback. This was a serious risk factor in the group’s comeback and BIGBANG had already suffered from G-Dragon‘s controversy in the past. As a result, YG was in a hurry to cover it all up. They chose concealment over self-reflection. They chose to buy time by sending Han Seo Hee abroad and hiding their (living) evidence.


A similar pattern was used for B.I’s case as well. Han Seo Hee was called up to the 7th floor and she was pressured into reversing her statement. They set her up with a lawyer and ordered her to change her statement.

Strangely enough, the investigative institute cooperated. They did not summon B.I or stop Han Seo Hee from leaving the country. If Han Seo Hee was caught at the airport on December 9, 2016, BIGBANG’s comeback would not have been possible. (Another drug dealer, C, was arrested by the police on December 7 and named Han Seo Hee.)

Source: Dispatch

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