YG LOSES case against reporter regarding Seungri’s car accident

Korean media reports that YG lost their case against a reporter for allegedly spreading false rumors and libel

Earlier last year, reported that YG Entertainment was pursuing a lawsuit for 200 million Won against reporter identified as “K” for libel which means spreading false rumors to defame someone or a group of people.

The reporter used the word “pharmacy” to refer to YG Entertainment and that the district attorney must find out the truth behind the use of drugs of artists in YG Entertainment after an alleged ex-YG staff, according to YG Entertainment, was busted for bringing in drugs into Korea after attending BIG BANG’s event overseas.

In addition, the reporter brought up the possibility of BIG BANG member Seungri being under the influence of alcohol when he caused the accident back in 2014 after Seungri was not checked for DUI and left the ambulance on his way to the hospital after his manager came to pick him up.


After gathering reports, YG Entertainment filed a lawsuit against the reporter “K” for libel and spreading false rumors to defame YG Entertainment and Seungri.

Korean media reports that the Korean courts ruled that reporter “K” did not spread rumors that were too out of the line due to certain facts.

Due to the fact that the ex-YG staff who was busted for smuggling in drugs was affiliated with YG Entertainment and the fact that there friends and people who witnessed Seungri drinking before the accident, all charges were dropped against the reporter.

Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[ +37 / -2] Well this article will probably be quietly buried soon…

[ +35 / -11] I know that fans may feel that this isn’t fair but the fact that he didn’t get checked for drinking under the influence alcohol means that it can’t prove if he either drank or didn’t drink prior to the accident. Evidence is not only for proving someone guilty but used to prove innocence as well.

[ +50 / -17] These kind of articles can’t be searched on the search engine for some reason. They are the queens of hiding these things.

[ +22 / -7] The Korean courts said that the police didn’t do a DUI check on him but look at all his fans claiming that he did get checked through articles online lol. Investigate this.

Source: NEWSIS