YG Reportedly Launching New Boy Group Through Survival Program

YG’s planning to debut their next generation of boy bands since WINNER and iKON.

Sources recently revealed that YG Entertainment is preparing a new survival debut program to launch their next girl group. Although YG denied that anything has been confirmed, they admitted that it’s one of the many variety show programs they have in the planning stages.

Apparently they’re planning to do the same with a new boy group. Reports claim that the agency is preparing a survival program for the next generation of boy band since WINNER and iKON. The survival show is said to air through Naver TV and not on any regular televised broadcast stations.

YG will be focusing on debuting a new boy band before their new girl group’s survival show.

Interests are high for YG’s next boy group as many expect famous trainees, such as Bang Yedam, Choi Raesung and more from MIXNINE will be competing on the show. Sources say YG also has plans to allow trainees from other agencies to compete, as well as global trainees from Japan and more.

YG Entertainment announced that a boy band is in the works as the production, but no specific details about the group have been confirmed.

“It’s been 3 years since iKON debuted, and it’s definite that YG needs to have new generations debuting much like the other large agencies.

It’s true that YG’s broadcast team and music producers are moving fast and working hard. When we look at the tendencies of CEO Yang Hyun Suk, he doesn’t produce teams with the same musical feel and the same number of members. It’s difficult for even YG staff to make any predictions about the new group.”

— YG Entertainment

Source: Sports Seoul and xportsnews