YG Claims Prostitutes Were Invited That Night But “No Prostitution Was Purposefully Organized”

YG claims if prostitution took place, it happened “naturally”.

A representative of YG Entertainment spoke with the press to clarify their stance about the night Yang Hyun Suk allegedly organized prostitution services for his business partners from Southeast Asia.

Caption: “More women were invited than the number of foreign business partners.”


MBC’s Straight accused Yang Hyun Suk of organizing a 3-day-2-night entertainment course for his foreign business partners, where he solicited prostitution. YG’s representative claimed that although prostitutes were present that night, “no intentional prostitution service was organized.

It’s true that about 10 prostitutes were present. A lot of prostitutes from various businesses attended that night.

Even if sexual intercourse took place, it only happened naturally. No prostitution service was purposefully organized like it was reported on the news.

— YG Representative


Yang Hyun Suk had also denied that he had organized the night or the prostitution services. He claimed he was only invited by an acquaintance and introduced the group to a club. PSY had also backed up his statement.

I attended the dinner after being invited by an acquaintance. They said they wanted to go to a club so I took them to one where a DJ played once a week.

I never offered them prostitution in any way.

— Yang Hyun Suk


The police are currently investigating in MBC’s claims that Yang Hyun Suk was involved in soliciting prostitution to his foreign business partners.

Watch MBC’s full exclusive coverage below:

Source: SBS FunE

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