Yang Hyun Suk’s “YG Republique” Will Officially Close Down Next Week

It’s been less than a year since it opened.

YG Republique in Jeju announced that they will be officially closing their doors at the end of this month on December 31. YG Republique is a restaurant and entertainment center that is located inside Jeju Shinhwa World, a tourist attraction in Jeju Island.


YG Republique was an idea created by Yang Hyun Suk and the CEO of YG Foods. However, the center saw poor business results and ultimately decided to close down.

The restaurant and entertainment center first opened its doors back in February 2018, and it will shut down even before reaching its 1st anniversary.


Reports claim the foot traffic considerably halted ever since Seungri‘s Burning Sun scandal and Yang Hyun Suk’s multiple scandals involving bribery, embezzlement, prostitution and more.

YG Republique was also home to many of G-Dragon‘s artworks as a cafe called “Untitled” and a bowling alley titled “AC.III.T” was particularly famous as it was named and designed after G-Dragon’s songs.


G-Dragon had also made YG Republique’s opening ceremony his last public event before enlisting in the military.

Source: Sports Chosun