YG Has The Highest Employee Resignation Rate Among YG, SM, JYP And BigHit

You won’t believe who had the lowest.

The data for 2018’s Financial Supervisory Service and National Pension in Korea revealed the shocking employee turnover rate among the top 4 entertainment agencies: SM, YG, JYP and BigHit.

YG Entertainment had the highest number of employees quit from their company in 2018. The agency employs about 360 people, and among those positions, 138 employees had quit within the year. That means they had 38% resignation rate.

The second highest resignation rate was SM Entertainment. They employ the most workers among the four top agencies with 431 employees. In 2018, they had 126 employees resign, meaning they had a 29% resignation rate.

The third highest resignation rate was JYP Entertainment, which employs 215 people. 38 employees resigned in 2018, marking JYP at 18% resignation rate.

The lowest of the four companies was BigHit Entertainment. They employ the smallest amount of workers as they are still one of newer agencies. Among 138 positions, only 24 employees had resigned. Their resignation rate was only 17%.

The data also showed the average annual salary of employees at the four companies. BigHit had the highest average with 42.77 million won (~$38,000 USD). YG came in 2nd with 40.51 million won (~$36,000), SM 3rd with 37.64 million won (~$34,000 USD), and JYP 4th with 36.22 million won (~$32,000 USD).

Chart showing the average annual salaries of employees at the 4 companies.

Out of all of the companies, BigHit also had the highest amount of profits in 2018. They recorded 78.3 billion won (~$70 million USD), SM came in 2nd with 52.2 billion won (~$47 million USD), JYP 3rd with 29 million won (~$26 million USD), and YG 4th with 11.4 billion won (~$10 million USD).

Chart showing the 4 companies’ 2018 profit margins.

Experts predict that BigHit will continue on their profitable streak and rake in the highest profits once again by the end of 2019.

Source: Chosun News