YGX’s Yeojin Explains The Truth Behind The Famous “Noze, Are You Okay?” Scene From “Street Woman Fighter”

Evil editing once again!

Now that Street Woman Fighter is over, the crews are finally able able to dish on the editing and the controversially dramatic scenes from the show. While most reality show watchers will know that much of the drama was chalked up to Mnet‘s editing and that the dancers were actually pretty close off camera, the first episode stirred some buzz due to a scene that has now become iconic.

In the scene, the dancers had “just met each other” and Mnet tried to create an ominous mood to set up the competition. As preliminary peer judging videos were played, many dancers had commented on WAYB‘s Noze and her visuals. Unfortunately, many comments were doubting her skills as they were overshadowed by her pretty face. It immediately cut to a scene where YGX‘s Yeojin asked Noze in a cheeky voice, “Noze, are you okay?” Noze’s teeth-grit and heart as she said “I’m fine” became a meme of sorts after the episode. GIFs don’t do it justice so you’ll have to watch the video with the audio for yourself.

After the last episode ended, YGX was finally able to answer everyone what everyone was curious about! Just what was going on in that scene? Yeojin stepped up to explain that it had never been her intention to diss Noze sarcastically. In fact, the two are close friends.

Episode 1 was supposed to be the first meeting so the producers were telling us to amp up the pressure on the other team. My battle opponent happened to be Noze, so I went down the stairs like oh it’s Noze? Okay. Back then, Noze’s foot was a little injured so I was asking if she was okay in regards to that. I meant to say, Noze, is your foot okay? (But it came out) like Noze, are you okay? Anyways, I wasn’t asking how she was in response to having seen the video playback.

— Yeojin

Mnet’s editing team does it once again! Thankfully, as the girls had often exchanged comments on Instagram, many viewers who were originally their fans already knew it was fake news. 😉