YMC Makes WANNAONE Minhyun Go Into The Ocean Despite Salt Allergies

Fans were enraged after YMC Entertainment made Minhyun go to the beach for a schedule without realizing he was allergic to salt!

Recently, the boys were spotted at Gyeongpo Beach for their album jacket photo shoot.

Kim Jaehwan, Lee Daehwi, and Kang Daniel walking by the shore.

In a fan taken video, many noticed that all the members went ankle-deep into the ocean as they posed for pictures.

However, 1 of the members, Minhyun, is known to be allergic to salt!

Minhyun has spoken about this allergy when NU’EST filmed their music video for Overcome.

For one of Minhyun’s scenes, salt was used to replace snow and he had to crawl on top of it, which caused him to get rashes and hives.

He’s so sensitive to salt, that he even gets allergic reactions from his own sweat after dancing.

Even just his sweat on his skin is enough to cause an allergic reaction.


Enraged, fans criticized the company for not considering and/or checking up on Wanna One’s medical conditions.

Minhyun has been known to endure hardships without complaining for the sake of fans, which broke the hearts of many.

Fortunately, his allergy is not serious and aside from the discomfort and irritation, Minhyun shouldn’t have any other effects.