“Yongbok-Nim!” BTS’s Jimin Sends A Hilarious Video Message To Stray Kids’ Felix

“Please be understanding!”

In popular YouTube channel PIXID‘s latest video, BTS‘s Jimin had to go undercover and hide his identity in a group chat filled with K-Pop fans — and naturally, hilarity ensued! What started as Jimin trying to throw a fan under the bus to deflect attention soon turned into the BTS star sending a message to Stray KidsFelix.

Pixid’s “imposter” series puts K-Pop stars to the test as they try to blend in with others and avoid getting caught. One recent episode saw TWICE‘s Nayeon go undercover among rookie idols. This week, Jimin was tasked with hiding his identity from a group of provincial fangirls: fans who live outside South Korea’s capital, Seoul.


From the very first round, Jimin’s efforts completely tanked! From his ambiguous answer to where fans in his region gather to the moment he answered “When you buy an album, it’s slower than Seoul” to a question asking the best thing about living in the provinces, all four fangirls were totally convinced that Jimin was the imposter.

“Please go easy on me.” | PIXID/YouTube

So, he soon turned to a new tactic. When it was time for the fans to share their love for their idols, Jimin tried deflecting attention onto a fellow competitor nicknamed “Province Void”. “Why is Province so quiet?” he typed, leading another fangirl to ask “Province Void” who her bias group is.

As it turned out, “Province Void” was a dedicated Stray Kids fan. Of course, Jimin couldn’t leave it at that if he really wanted to get the suspicions off of him. “Prove your fanship” he asked her, and everyone in the group chat piled on too.

  • Prove your fanship
  • This is your chance to confess your love
  • You won’t get another chance like this
| PIXID/YouTube

Put on the spot, the STAY struggled to get her answer out — and who could blame her for stumbling over how to describe Felix‘s deep singing voice? Addressing Felix by his Korean name, Yongbok, she eventually managed to type her feelings, all while Jimin was cracking up in the next booth!

| PIXID/YouTube

Yongbok-ah ㅠㅠㅠ Your low vocal tone is daebak ㅠㅠ Maniac is legendary

— “Province Void”

Jimin was quick to clown her in the chat — “You took that long to write that? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ” — but it seems he’s a fan himself. As soon as he saw her message, he couldn’t help but show off a little bit of the iconic “Maniac” point choreography.

And he didn’t forget her words. When Jimin finally revealed his identity to the group, “Province Void” was in complete shock, covering her face and stumbling over her words when Jimin asked, “Were you Province? Yongbok, right?

Eventually, she managed to get out the words, “You were my first concert,” revealing that before she was a STAY, she was a fan of BTS!

“You were my first concert.” | PIXID/YouTube

Where have you gone now? What are you up to?” he asked her. He hilariously decided that losing “Province Void” to another fandom simply wouldn’t do, telling another fan, “We have to take her back.”

How? With a video message to Felix himself, of course! Also addressing Felix by his Korean name, Jimin referred to the fan as a child who’s let home.

“Please be understanding.” | PIXID/YouTube

Yongbok-nim! I’m not taking her from you… She left home so I’m just taking her back for a bit. Please be understanding.

— “Province Void”

The fan seemed totally embarrassed by the situation, but what could be better than two of the biggest boy groups around battling for your fanship?

While it’s possible Jimin was just mimicking the fans’ own words, Jimin’s message has left many wondering whether the pair are close, as only Felix’s friends call him Yongbok. Either way, we wouldn’t say no to a real interaction between these two!

Source: PIXID