TWICE Nayeon’s Interactions With Her Hoobaes Showcase Her True Personality

“I got to self-reflect.”

In a recent video with Pixid‘s YouTube channel, TWICE‘s Nayeon had to go “undercover,” pretending to be a rookie idol in a group chat with actual rookie idols.

Nayeon | Pixid/Youtube 

In the video, Nayeon interacted with woo!ah!‘s Nana, Billlie‘s Moon Sua, Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih, and NMIXX‘s Haewon, trying to convince them that she was also a rookie idol.

Nayeon debuted as a member of TWICE seven years ago, in 2015, with “Like OOH-AHH.”

Nana debuted with woo!ah! two years ago, in 2020, with “Exclamation.”

Moon Sua debuted with Billlie one year ago, in 2021, with “RING X RING.”

Huening Bahiyyih debuted with Kep1er in January 2022 with “WA DA DA.”

Haewon debuted with NMIXX in February 2022 with “O.O.”

But despite Nayeon having at least five more years of experience than the other idols, she shared that she was actually able to relate to them easily.

As we talked, perhaps because we’re in the same profession, the way we thought was very similar. I felt like I could relate a lot.


| Pixid/YouTube 

Nayeon also felt that she could learn something from their passion and energy.

I felt humbled. That’s right, we should practice. I should practice. I got to self-reflect.


| Pixid/YouTube 

And even after her identity was revealed to the other idols, Nayeon greeted them warmly. Remembering when she met woo!ah’s Nana before.

That’s right [we met]. We took a photo together.


| Pixid/YouTube 

As well as often running into NMIXX’s Haewon since they’re both in JYP Entertainment.

Yes, we’ve walked past each other. It’s my first time seeing you [up close].


Nana, Nayeon, Haewon, Moon Sua, Huening Bahiyyih | Pixid/YouTube 

Even suggesting that the five should collaborate together one day.

I’m learning a lot from my hoobaes. It’d be great to perform together one day.


| Pixid/YouTube 

You can watch the full video here.

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