Yoo Ah In to be examined for military enlistment once again

The popular actor, Yoo Ah In is set to receive his fourth medical examination ahead of his mandatory military enlistment.

According to Yoo Ah In’s agency, UAA Entertainment, Yoo Ah In was notified by the Military Manpower Administration that the examination is to be held on Wednesday, March 15.

The actor had previously been deemed unfit for his enlistment, however, he has chosen to undergo examination once again because of his determination to serve his military service.

Military enlistment is mandatory for all South Korean males between the ages of 18 and 35, and Yoo Ah In is at the age of required enlistment. However, it was revealed in February that Yoo Ah In had been diagnosed with a benign bone tumor.

After his condition was revealed, rumors followed that this was simply an attempt by Yoo to avoid serving in the military, but Yoo Ah In seems very determined to serve his country.

Yoo Ah In is currently filming for his upcoming drama titled Chicago Typewriter, which will begin airing in April.

Source: Newsen