Yoo Ah In Claims Actors Need To Be Held Responsible Since They Make So Much Money

He’s learned from his own lessons.

Actor Yoo Ah In appeared on Live Alone, where he opened up about how actors are paid a wealthy sum and how the lessons he’s learned from earning so much at a young age.

He had recently made headlines after opening up his $5 million home, showcasing just how rich he is despite his young age of 33.

Yoo Ah In confessed that when he first started acting, he didn’t understand the profession. But as he grew, he grew a desire to do well and be recognized by his peers.

When I was young, I started acting without knowing what it really was. But as I began to learn about the profession, I wanted take responsibility and do my work well.

— Yoo Ah In

He confessed that actors make a lot of money for their work, but they need to have a sense of responsibility if they’re given the luxuries and extravagance that others don’t possess.

You can make a lot of money working as an actor. I believe that if you’re going to live a more luxurious and extravagant life than others who are your age, you need to take responsibility.

— Yoo Ah In

When he was younger, he didn’t understand the responsibility that came with wealth. He only focused on the materialistic happiness but now feel its what holds him back from being free.

Back then, I felt like a rich person if I had a lot of shoes. I used to buy all of the hottest shoes, collect them, line them up, and I used to get excited feeling rich.

But now I don’t have that feeling at all. It started to feel like shackles holding me back.

— Yoo Ah In

After learning that money and wealth isn’t everything, he’s trying to figure out how he can give back to society and how he should live out the rest of his life with the blessings that he’s been given.

Now, I wonder how I should empty them, throw them away, or share them. I wonder what I need pursue in life and what needs to be my driving force.

I’ve been wondering about that a lot these days.

— Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In is blessed in wealth, talent, visuals, and more. But with such a pure and wise heart, it’s no wonder how he’s gotten to where he is today.

His latest movie #ALIVE has also been a blockbuster hit! Check out the trailer below:

Source: Star Daily News