Yoo Ah In Is Alleged To Have Tried To Help His Accomplice Escape Korea

The police made the revelation in their request for an arrest warrant.

Yoo Ah In is reportedly alleged to have tried to help his accompliceleave Korea amid their drug investigation.

Yoo Ah In |

On May 22, the Seoul Central Prosecutors’ Office formally applied for an arrest warrant for actor Yoo Ah In and his alleged accomplice, who is known to be a writer who graduated from an art school.

Previously, on May 19, it was reported that police, on their warrant request, had indicated that there was a chance that the defendants would destroy evidence. It has been revealed that police made the indication after finding evidence that Yoo Ah In’s accomplice had tried to leave the country but had failed.

Police To Request Arrest Warrant For Yoo Ah In

Meanwhile, earlier on May 22, the police revealed why they requested an arrest warrant.

We felt an arrest warrant was necessary because (Yoo Ah In) had denied the charges even after the investigation, the fact that the type and number of abused drugs have increased, and the fact he has an accomplice.

— Police Representative

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Source: Kbs news
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