Yoo Ah In’s Bestie Song Hye Kyo Showed up at the VIP Screening for “#Alive” Like the Loyal Friend She Is

They’ve been close friends for a long time.

Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye are in a new thriller called #Alive, which is being compared to Train to Busan in terms of how horrifying it is, and Yoo Ah In’s close friend, Song Hye Kyo attended the VIP screening to show her full support.

Song Hye Kyo recently took to her Instagram to share a photo of the screening along with the caption, “#Alive, #ZipCinema.

The black-and-white photo shows Yoo Ah In, Park Shin Hye, and fellow cast speaking on top of the stage.

On this day, Song Hye Kyo attended the VIP screening of the film, #Alive, which took place at Lotte Cinema World Tower in Seoul.

Yoo Ah In and Song Hye Kyo are actually who fellow actors under the same management agency, UAA.

And even beyond being colleagues, the two talented actors are known to be very close friends as well.

What’s not to love about two top stars having each other’s backs?

#Alive is a zombie thriller about two young survivors struggling to live in the midst of a virus infection that causes a city to face utter chaos.

The film premieres today in Korea.

Source: Dispatch