Yoo Ah In Divides His Fans With A Simple Photo Of Spicy Fish Cakes

Well, that was unexpected.

Actor Yoo Ah In recently posted a photo of delicious-looking spicy fish cakes from a street stall and captioned it, “This is enough.

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While the snack looks delicious, the photo unexpectedly sparked a debate in the comment section.

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Yoo Ah In’s fans have divided opinions regarding the portion size of his snack.

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While many can’t believe that that’s all Yoo Ah In ate…

  • Doesn’t he need to eat fried tofu, too? That’s not enough.
  • This Oppa has a small appetite.
  • How can you go to a street stall and only eat 3 fish cakes?
  • Didn’t you eat spicy rice cakes?
  • This Oppa’s portion size is shocking.
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Others are defending Yoo Ah In’s choice to keep his meal simple.

  • It looks delicious.
  • This is exactly what I order when I go to street stalls.
  • You actually ate 8 pieces but just took photos of 3, right?
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Yoo Ah In is so buzzworthy that he managed to start a discussion among fans over a photo of spicy fish cakes.

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Now that’s what you call impressive.

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Only Yoo Ah In.

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